About VEI

VEI is an international water operator from the Netherlands, helping water companies in developing and transition countries to expand their capability and to professionalise their operations. For example, by improving NRW management and water operations, by setting up stable financial processes or by creating a better infrastructure.

The need for enhancing performance is real, as around the world, large numbers of people still have no access to safe drinking water and proper sanitary facilities. At the same time, challenges like an increasing water demand and climate change are real.

VEI is a cooperation between the two largest water companies of the Netherlands: Vitens and Evides Waterbedrijf. These are the shareholders of VEI and provide us with human capital: Dutch water experts who take their knowledge and share it with their colleagues abroad.

VEI already helped a great many water companies improve their business and making drinking water more accessible for people in their area.

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