Closing workshop VEI projects Dhaka

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

On December 15th, in the presence of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, many supporting partner organisations and other participants from the water sector in Bangladesh, DWASA and VEI organised a close-out workshop for their two projects: the Water Operator Partnership and the Urban Dredging Demonstration Project.

The projects started in 2012 and ended recently after four years of hard work. The participants of the workshop agreed that the WOP was very successful. Mr. Taqsem Khan, Managing Director of DWASA was very thankful especially towards the VEI participants who introduced efficient and effective ways of working such as new DTWs, DMA teams, manuals & SOPs, NRW reduction methodologies, energy reduction and automation of the operation by SCADA. Likewise, all participants were enthusiastic about the success of UDDP and the mechanical dredging methods demonstrated by the project. The project showed that the new way of dredging was as well more effective as less costly compared with the traditional dredging methods used by DWASA.

The way forward
Based on the success of both projects and the especially the excellent partnership between DWASA and VEI, Mr Taqsem Khan and Ad Doppenberg from VEI announced the new WOP 2 proposal which has been submitted to the EKN requesting for financial support. WOP 2 aims to replicate the successes of WOP I and its lessons learned. Furthermore, WOP 2 will support the target of DWASA to connect all LIC areas in Dhaka to the water distribution network before the end of 2017.

During the workshop both projects presented a photo-book providing a summary of the activities and results, illustrated with pictures infographics and text. Mr Taqsem Khan offered the first copies to the representatives of EKN.

The books are available here:

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