FIPAG and VEI are partners for another 5 years

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

On 15 November FIPAG (the national drinking water supplier of Mozambique) and the Dutch government signed a contract for continued support to sustain results from earlier contracts and further FIPAG’s performance in the period 2016-2021. Part of the program will be executed by VEI.

The contract enables FIPAG to develop and replace important ICT systems, to introduce pre-paid systems, execute studies to find new water sources, optimize its operational performance and train its employees in topics mentioned. New strategies will be developed for Asset Management, Maintenance Management, financial sustainability, communications and ICT to name a few of the goals. Part of the M€12.5 program will be executed by VEI as technical assistance.

Positive news
The signing ceremony attracted many journalists and TV-teams, obviously looking for positive news in a period in which Mozambique is plagued by scandals, political tensions, increasing prices and economic downturn. See some links to media articles below.

Grant agreement
During the ceremony Mrs. Reina Buijs (deputy Minister for international cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Pedro Paulino (general director FIPAG) also signed a grant agreement for developing a Master Plan for the drinking water supply in Beira, financed by the Develop2Build fund. VEI has been instrumental in getting the parties interested and supported the preparation of the application.

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