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The Netherlands has the best quality drinking water in the world. What is more, the Netherlands is internationally renowned for its knowledge and expertise in the areas of, amongst others, water technology, water purification and the installation of water pipe networks. With this experience, we are able to help countries for which the safe and permanent supply of drinking water and good sanitation cannot be taken for granted.

Vitens Evides International deploys its Dutch experts to assist local water companies in developing countries. Through tailor-made partnerships, we work on the development of the water company to ensure sustainable growth. In this way, the company will be better able to supply its customers with clean drinking water and to extend the pipe network to parts of the country where running tap water is not yet available.

Over the past number of years, Vitens Evides International has provided reliable tap water to more than twenty million drinking water customers in 98 towns spread over nine countries.

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