12/16/2014 Vitens Evides International and WEB continue cooperation in 2015
12/1/2014 VEI hosts International seminar Vietnam - Successful start of discussion on climate change adaptation for water utilities
11/27/2014 KIVI Annual Conference 2014: ”A good water supply system is a precondition for a better life in the city”
10/23/2014 Two year extension of VEI’s Water Operator Partnership in Mombasa
10/22/2014 VEI involved in Dutch World Bank partnership
10/10/2014 VEI explores opportunities in Zimbabwe
9/17/2014 VEI in panel discussion at IWA Lisbon
9/15/2014 Earlier this month: VEI actively present at World Water Week Stockholm
8/13/2014 Marco Schouten appointed CEO of Vitens Evides International
7/25/2014 VEI explores Sri Lanka market with Dutch delegation
7/23/2014 Independent review of VEI Service Contracts Malawi concludes an "undeniable significant improvement"
6/26/2014 Minister Ploumen kicks off VEI project Ghana
6/25/2014 Official launch Urban Dredging Demonstration Project Bangladesh
6/19/2014 Water and sanitation professionals furnish recommendations to WSP Council
6/13/2014 Amsterdam next week: one-day workshop on improving water and sanitation
5/14/2014 VEI signs new contract in Vietnam
5/14/2014 VEI and UNESCO-IHE join forces
5/12/2014 The Netherlands prominently visible at IWA Conference in Vienna
4/30/2014 Waterbedrijf Groningen joins VEI
4/30/2014 Bangladeshi Water Director visits the Netherlands
4/17/2014 New movie shows situation Jheelpar
4/8/2014 Mombasa can put the water management knowledge of the Netherlands to good use
4/1/2014 World water day 2014: energy and water
2/26/2014 Urban Dredging Demonstration Project developments in Bangladesh
12/23/2013 Looking back at IWA
12/17/2013 Exposure for cooperation Vitens Evides International and MOWASCO
10/25/2013 First pipe fitting competition in Kenya: and the winner is …
10/16/2013 Mozambique water delegation visits Vitens Evides International
10/10/2013 Vitens Evides International signs new partnership in Vietnam
10/10/2013 Next week: Vitens Evides International as sponsor on the IWA Congress
10/8/2013 Vitens Evides International and Dhaka WASA sign for urban dredging
10/8/2013 Dhaka WASA launches new SCADA system
9/17/2013 Exposure visit Ethiopian water utilities to Kenya
9/10/2013 World Water Week 2013: water supply companies should broaden their scope
6/24/2013 New partnership WSUP and Vitens Evides International
6/20/2013 Vitens Evides International starts new sanitation project in Kenya
5/7/2013 Partnership Vitens Evides International and Royal HaskoningDHV in Mozambique
4/22/2013 Vitens Evides International sponsors the IWA Development Congress
3/22/2013 World Water Day
2/19/2013 Sustainable water infrastructures in Northern Mozambique
11/23/2012 New partnership in water: Vitens Evides International and UNESCO-IHE
11/19/2012 Cooperation agreement for improving water services in Mombasa - Kenya
11/6/2012 Football for WASH participates in Partnership Election 2012
10/24/2012 Vitens Evides International and Royal HaskoningDHV advise La Paz water company
9/20/2012 VEI signs contract for Water Operators Partnership with Dhaka WASA in Bangladesh
9/10/2012 Making headway in India
7/23/2012 Official Launch of the Copperbelt Water Operators Partnership in Zambia
6/27/2012 Journalist tests MobiSan in South-African slum
6/22/2012 New contracts for Vitens Evides International in Kenya and Mongolia
6/12/2012 Vitens Evides International supports Send a Drop
6/12/2012 KNVB and Vitens Evides International; football and water
5/16/2012 Mozambique: inauguration of Chicamba Drinking Water Treatment Plant and contract signing ceremony
5/11/2012 Vitens Evides International co-designer new water company Kenya
5/8/2012 HueWaCo water company visits the Netherlands
5/8/2012 Focus on Mongolian WOP
4/10/2012 Kick-off meeting EU project Ghana
3/28/2012 Vitens Evides International and KNVB join forces
3/28/2012 Massive expansion partnership Vitens Evides International
3/23/2012 Initial activities in Kenya
12/8/2011 Improving water sector performance in Kenya by benchmarking and collaborative learning
10/19/2011 International Water Week 2011
10/11/2011 Regional WOP Vietnam
10/6/2011 Delegation from Ethiopia visits Vitens Evides International
10/6/2011 Vitens Evides International Annual Report 2010
6/27/2011 Hand-over per June 6, 2011 of the management responsibility of Aqua Vitens Rand Water Limited (AVRL) to Ghana Water
10/7/2010 Symposium on results of Water Operator Partnership in Mongolia
6/19/2010 Second Vitens Evides International mission to Haiti
6/8/2010 Vitens Evides International takes first step on Chinese soil
5/7/2010 Filipinos benefit from Dutch drinking water expertise
4/6/2010 Annual Report 2009 Vitens Evides International
3/29/2010 NRW Workshop Da Nang great success
2/3/2010 Haiti emergency teams from Vitens and Evides drinking water companies return to the Netherlands
1/20/2010 Haiti support from Vitens Evides International
11/12/2009 The Water Supply and Sewerage Authority of Ulaanbaatar City Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
9/17/2009 Vitens Evides International participant in 2009 WaterLinks Forum
8/13/2009 Vitens Evides International signs up for new project in Suriname
8/3/2009 Clean and safe drinking water for 1.5 million people in Malawi