Hand-over per June 6, 2011 of the management responsibility of Aqua Vitens Rand Water Limited (AVRL) to Ghana Water

Monday, June 27, 2011
June 6 2011 was the official contract expiry and handing-over date of the urban water management operational responsibility from AVRL to Ghana Water. AVRL has acted over the last 5 years as the operator of drinking water service provision in the framework of a management contract that started in 2006. As part of a broad sector reform, AVRL assumed management responsibility for and on behalf of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to provide potable water to 8 million Ghanaians living in the urban centers of Ghana. Over the past 5 years AVRL and GWCL jointly improved the reliability, affordability and sustainability of the services. Continuous capacity development during the execution of the management contract has supported GWCL to resume the operational responsibility. Currently the Government of Ghana is evaluating the options for the next steps in the reform process. Although the operational responsibility of AVRL has come to an end, AVRL's shareholders Rand Water and Vitens Evides International and the governments that own them, South Africa and the Netherlands are committed to remain long term public partners to the Ghanaian water sector in the quest to provide more people in Ghana with reliable, affordable and safe potable water.