Journalist tests MobiSan in South-African slum

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Earlier this year, a journalist from Cape Town visited the MobiSan project in the Pook se Bos slum near Cape Town, South-Africa. She wrote an article about it on Urban Sprout, a website on sustainability and the environment. 
The MobiSan – a container with thirteen toilets and urinals – was put into use in 2009. It was an initiative of several organisations, including Vitens Evides International. The container was a response to the fact that Pook se Bos lacked any form of sanitation and that hygiene was in a very poor state. In the container, the urine and faeces are collected separately and processed into irrigation water and manure.
Global water problem
The project in Pook se Bos is part of the Partners for Water programme, in which the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Ministry of Economic Affairs cooperate to tackle the global water problem.
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