Vitens Evides International supports Send a Drop

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Vitens Evides International supports the Send a Drop Foundation, a foundation that promotes the improvement of the drinking water situation in developing countries. The Foundation has launched a digital fountain into which visitors to the website can drop virtual coins.
Anyone who wants to drop a coin into the fountain, has to send an SMS with the text ‘DROP’ to number 1008. Every SMS represents a donation of €1.50. The proceeds will be spent on drinking water projects in Ethiopia and other countries. On the donors can track and trace their digital water drops and see which project their coin is spent on.
Rio on the river Meuse
The Send a Drop wishing fountain was opened in Rotterdam at the Rio on the Meuse on 30 May, an event devoted to sustainability. Speeches were delivered by the Prince of Orange, the mayor of Rotterdam, the chairman of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and the chairman of the National Platform Rio+20. The state secretary of Foreign Affairs also attended the event.
For the execution of the projects the Send a Drop Foundation closely collaborates with Water for Life