Shareholders VEI visit Mozambique 2017

Friday, June 9th, 2017

From 29th May to 2nd June, the CEO’s of Vitens and Evides Waterbedrijf, together with the CEO of VEI, have visited Mozambique. The purpose of this visit by Lieve Declercq (Vitens), Annette Ottolini (Evides) and Marco Schouten (Vitens Evides International) was to give the shareholders of VEI more insight in the projects of VEI and Water for Life in Mozambique.

During the first day of the visit to Maputo, the delegation visited AIAS; an Executive Institute directly linked to the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources. AIAS is responsible for drinking water and sanitation in 21 major and 130 secondary cities in Mozambique. VEI supports AIAS since 2014. The delegation also visited the Maputo AdeM / FIPAG water company. The city of Maputo has only one source of water and therefore has a chronic lack of water. Currently, there is a project in progress to get water from a second source. The delegation has been on field visit and travelled to the Curemane Dam, 100 kilometers north of Maputo at the border with South Africa. VEI has been involved in the preparation of this project that will provide Maputo with a second source from 2018/2019.

On the third day, the delegation visited Beira and the regional office of FIPAG. In Beira, VEI – with FIPAG and WSUP – launched the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) project in 2015. With the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages public-private cooperation in the water sector with the aim of ensuring water security and water security Developing countries. In Macurungo, they visited the rehabilitation of the pipeline network and warehouse in Manga, where all project materials are stored.

Water for Life
For Water for Life, the delegation visited the Football for Water project in Beira. Since 2013, VEI, with funding for Water for Life/Football for Water, improves access to water and sanitation at 34 schools in Chimoio and Beira.

Reinder van den Brink (Beira): “Our CEOs like the strict result oriented approach, the collaboration between the partners and the effort of all project members to realize the results within the project period.”

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