VEI and FIPAG join forces in Angola

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

VEI has won a 1-year WOP contract for the provincial capital Ondjiva in Cunene province, South-Angola, bordering Namibia. In this WOP the novelty is in the partnership; VEI applied together with FIPAG. VEI and FIPAG have the longest running partnership in the VEI project portfolio since 2005.

The tender was launched by UNICEF, GWOPA and UN-Habitat on behalf of the Angolan government. Only Portuguese/Spanish speaking companies were eligible to apply. Activities in the contract include assessments, development of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and implementation of the PIP, all within a timeframe of one year.

11 years of technical assistance
In the Cunene contract VEI can harvest the results of 11 years of technical assistance of FIPAG, deploying the most talented FIPAG employees in Angola and working together as partners. The WOP provides FIPAG staff the opportunity to add valuable experiences to their career.

Opportunities for VEI
For VEI the WOP in Cunene means the second contract in Angola. The water sector in Angola is heavily supported by the international community and many technical assistance and management contracts are being launched. This offers opportunities for VEI working towards its objective to increase access to water and sanitation.


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