VEI is proud to present ‘Annual Report 2016’

Friday, June 9th, 2017

VEI Annual Report 2016
Unlocking the strengths of Dutch water companies

In 2016, VEI was active in 19 countries in Africa, Asia and South America through 44 projects. Thanks to the effort of VEI more than 192,000 people directly gained access to water and/or sanitation.

The six Dutch water companies of VEI provide water to 13.5 million people in the Netherlands. The employees of these companies are experts in the field of ensuring continuous confidence in a product that it vital for humans. Through their dedication to the work in the partnerships that VEI has with other companies, each of them makes daily contributions to the mission of VEI: universal and sustainable water services, by unlocking the strengths of the Dutch water companies.

This VEI Annual Report 2016 focusses especially on ‘people’. People as consumers of more and better drinking water due to VEI’s involvement, people as the employees of partner water operators abroad to deliver universal and sustainable water service, and people as employees of the Dutch water companies that want to share their knowledge and skills abroad. This VEI Annual Report 2016 portrays a variety of people making the success of VEI and her partners.

We hope you enjoy reading!

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