Water for Life

Vitens Evides International is active in several countries to improve the supply of drinking water in urban areas. In addition to the projects, we work on smaller, extra projects to improve the supply of drinking water and sanitation of people who do not have the means or possibilities to arrange this themselves. Therefore the foundation Water for Life was introduced in 2004.

Customers of the Dutch water companies Vitens and Evides can make donations to Water for Life. With this money we can set up small, but effective and practical projects to help solve drinking water problems in developing countries. The donations are for example used to purchase and lay pipes, drill new wells and install safe draw-off points for people do not have these facilities. The goal Water for Life wants to achieve is:
  • More water for more people in more places;
  • Healthier, better quality water;
  • Less water-related diseases;
  • Structural help with permanent effect.
Water for Life is only active in countries and areas where Vitens Evides International is working. The staff of the local drinking water company together with people from Vitens Evides International supervise the Water for Life projects and ensure the donated money is spent correctly and where it is most needed.

For more information about Water for Life: www.waterforlife.nl