Service areas

Improving water services delivery
Vitens Evides International helps local water companies to improve their water services delivery. With the experience of Dutch water experts, VEI helps to improve water quality and continuity of water supply. Moreover, VEI supports local water companies to increase the access to safe water and good sanitation, by supporting them in attracting financial resources.

Financial and technical sustainability
Vitens Evides International helps in improving the financial sustainability of water utilities by reducing levels of non-revenue water and increasing the customer base. We support technical sustainability by improving operation, maintenance and asset management of the local water company. We also provide support in strategic (investment) planning and tariff calculations.

Green utilities
Vitens Evides International supports partner utilities in Asia and Africa within the context of climate change. This includes mitigating measures, for example by energy reduction programmes and supporting energy efficient water utilities. VEI also works on adaptation, for example building climate resilience in water resources management. Read more about our Green Utility Network.